Best Ways to Nurture Leads With Email

Lead nurturing email

Email is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a freelancer. From marketing your business to lead nurturing, there is no limit to what a good email strategy can do for your business.

In this article, we will take a look at how to nurture your leads through email, as well as some actionable examples of emails that you can use for your lead nurturing.

What is Lead Nurturing?

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Lead nurturing is the process of building and nurturing relationships with potential clients at every stage of the sales funnel. A successful lead nurturing strategy means focusing your marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of your leads and providing them with information about the benefits of your product or service.  

Lead nurturing can help you to build trust with your leads, increase your brand awareness, and maintain a connection with potential clients until they are ready to make a purchase. It can even increase your conversion rates; according to this report by Invesp, leads that are nurtured bring in 50% more sales than those that are not nurtured. 

How to Nurture Leads Through Email

Lead nurturing emails are sent to leads who have shown an interest in your products or services, but have not yet made a purchase. These emails aim to build a relationship with the lead and to keep them engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy. Lead nurturing emails can be sent either as part of an email marketing campaign or as part of a lead nurturing program. 

Lead nurturing emails typically provide valuable content to your audience, such as relevant case studies, industry news, upcoming events, or actionable advice. They can also contain discount codes, special offers, and exclusive benefits. This aims to make your leads feel as if they are being personally taken care of and shows that your business genuinely cares about them. 

Here are some ways that you can nurture your leads through emails:

Segment Your Audience


First, divide your audience according to your leads’ interests and needs. You can use your buyer personas to do this. Each group should receive a different kind of content targeting them specifically.

Personalize the Emails

Address each email to the individual lead by their name. Keep the tone friendly and professional, as if speaking to a business acquaintance. 

Provide Valuable Content

If, for example, you offer marketing services, you can include articles about the latest updates to search engine algorithms or tips for social media profile optimization. If you continuously provide valuable content and information to your prospects and leads, they will be more likely to choose you when making a buying decision.

Include a CTA

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In order to engage your leads, include a call to action (CTA) in every email. Examples include offering a discount code for a first purchase, a free quote for your services, or a prompt to download a lead magnet, such as a free ebook. According to WordStream, using a CTA in your emails can increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%.

Test and Optimize

Use A/B testing to regularly test your emails and to determine their effectiveness against a new template or strategy. Use the results to optimize your lead nurturing emails, and continuously improve your strategies throughout the process.

By implementing strategies like lead scoring, you can more effectively nurture your leads through emails and increase your chances of pushing them down the sales funnel to eventually convert them into customers.

Lead Nurturing Email Template

Below is an example of a template for nurturing leads through email. This can be used to offer a free resource or offer to your leads, in exchange for their engagement.

Subject: [First Name], [Valuable Offer] Just for You!

Dear [First Name],

We hope this email finds you well! We wanted to touch base and provide you with a valuable offer that we think you’ll love.

At [Your Company], we pride ourselves on offering great [what you offer] to our clients. We understand that [pain point or need that your leads have], which is why we’ve created a solution that can help.

We’ve recently created a [resource or offer that is relevant to your leads], which we think could be of interest to you. This [resource or offer] can help [solve their problem or meet their need].

To access this [resource or offer], simply [call-to-action such as clicking a link to a landing page], and voilà! We believe this can be a valuable tool to help you [achieve their desired outcome].

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you to [achieve their desired outcome], please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Company]


Lead nurturing through email can be an incredibly effective way to build relationships with potential clients and increase conversion rates. By following the steps outlined above, you can more effectively nurture your leads, and increase your chances of eventually converting them into customers.

Remember to always provide value to your leads, consider their needs, and maintain a connection with them until they are ready to make a purchase. With a solid lead nurturing strategy in place, you can build trust with your audience and create loyal customers who will advocate for your business.

Monitor your progress by utilizing a lead tracking system. This enables you to effectively track and manage your leads, ensuring you stay on top of your nurturing efforts and optimize your results.

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Best Ways to Nurture Leads With Email

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