10 Educational Podcasts for Freelancers

Educational podcasts for freelancers

Podcasts can be an incredibly useful tool for those looking to support their continuous learning. For freelancers, they can provide valuable insights into the experiences, challenges, and successes of others in the same line of work. 

In the article below, we will look at how podcasts can be an educational tool for freelancers and 10 of the best podcasts for freelancers.

Podcasts as an Educational Tool

While podcasts are a popular form of entertainment, they also serve as an incredible educational resource when used properly. 

Educational Podcasts for Freelancers

Continuous professional development is essential for any jobholder, and especially so for those working for themselves. Freelancers can take advantage of the wide range of educational podcasts freely available online to support their continuous development to magnify their skills, hear from others in their field, and receive actionable tips from real-world situations.

One of the biggest benefits of podcasts is their accessibility. Many platforms, like YouTube and Google Podcasts, provide millions of hours of audio entertainment for free. Furthermore, they can be listened to while driving, while getting ready in the morning, or even before bed. 

This makes them the most accessible resource available, as all that is needed to access them is a mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection. 

The Best Podcasts for Freelancers in 2023

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great podcasts for freelancers, covering relevant topics such as self-employment, marketing, remote working and business. 

Below, we list 10 of our favorite educational (and entertaining) podcasts to which every freelancer should subscribe. These podcasts are easily accessible, relevant, and a rich source of educational materials.

1. Freelance To Founder

Freelance To Founder

Clay and Preston, former freelancers who have built and sold businesses worth six and seven figures, co-host Freelance to Founder. This podcast is a unique call-in show that features coaching sessions with real-life freelancers trying to grow their business and escape the “feast-famine lifestyle”.

With episodes titled Burnout Remedies, How Can I Be a More Confident Freelancer? and Got My First Client…Now What?, they cover everything for both budding and seasoned freelancers to boost their business skills and recognize their own worth in the process. 

2. Being Boss

Being Boss

Being Boss is a fun, inspiring podcast aimed at creative business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers. Hosted by Emily Thompson, this show covers important topics such as making money doing what you love, harnessing your creative ambitions and “embracing the adventure that is starting and growing your own business”.

Featuring episodes called Manifestation vs. Actualization, Why Business Friendships Matter, and 5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance, Being Boss is a must-listen for any self-made professional. 

3. The Hectic Podcast

The Hectic Podcast

The Hectic Podcast, hosted by founder of Hectic Darryl Kelly, is a podcast aimed at freelancers looking for motivation and inspiration during their professional journey. Featuring real freelancers and entrepreneurs as guest speakers, The Hectic Podcast shares real-life stories from those who have been through the struggles of self-employment and made incredible successes out of themselves. 

Forge Your Own Path, Pushing Through Discomfort and Safe Space are some episode titles, showcasing just how gently inspiring and raw The Hectic Podcast can be. 

4. Creator Science

Creator Science

Creator Science, formerly Creative Elements, is a podcast that explores the ways to succeed as a professional creator. The episodes cover a wide range of topics, from the latest tactics for success to stories from entrepreneurs and freelancers who have founded six-figure businesses through hard work and strategy. 

Hosted by Jay Clouse, these episodes include titles such as What’s Underneath Brand Building for Creators, Earning Millions with Remarkable Copywriting and How To Begin Setting a Worthy Goal. 

5. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper hosts The Side Hustle Show, a podcast geared towards those looking for success through their side-hustles. There is a lot to learn about how to make money both online and offline in this podcast, covering topics such as blogging, online businesses, freelancing, marketing, sales funnels, investing, and many more.

The Side Hustle Show features episodes such as The 17 Income Streams I’m Working On Right Now, 10 AI-Powered Side Hustles You Can Start Today and How 25 Side-Hustlers Made Their First Job-Free Income. 

6. Being Freelance

Being Freelance

Being Freelance is an inspiring freelancing podcast started by Liz Mosley, a graphic designer who turned her hobby into a thriving career. Liz and her guests explore topics such as being your own boss and the struggles and rewards of freelancing, and each episode features a different freelancer who speaks about their personal experiences within their niches. 

Being Freelance boasts more than 300 episodes to date, including PPC Consultant Ryan Scollon, Writer Nick Parker and Visual Storyteller Ashwin Chacko. 

7. Freelance Jumpstart Podcast

Jumpstart Podcast

The Freelance Jumpstart Podcast is the perfect all-rounder freelancing podcast. Host Nathan Allotey covers everything from marketing your business to dealing with clients. No new episodes have been released since 2021, but the existing ones offer a treasure trove of valuable information and actionable tips for freelancers to not only run their business, but succeed at it.

Episodes include How to Charge a Million Dollars, Should I Let Someone Know They’re My First Client and The Riches Are In The Niches. 

8. Freelance Friday Podcast

Freelance Friday Podcast

Latasha James hosts the Freelance Friday Podcast, which offers “an inside look at the world of freelancing, featuring tips, tricks, and interviews with people who are doing it right.” Latasha speaks about the social aspects of freelancing, social media, and healthy habits.

Featuring episodes such as Making Friends as a Freelancer, How to Grow a Personal Brand on Social Media and Productivity Tips from a 6 Figure Online Business Owner, the Freelance Friday Podcast gives a realistic view into what it takes to be successful as a freelancer. 

9. The Lonely Freelancer Podcast

The Lonely Freelancer Podcast

The Lonely Freelancer Podcast, hosted by Nikki McCaig, focuses not only on actionable tips to succeed as a freelancer, but also on the mental health challenges of working by yourself. This podcast is essential for those who struggle with the isolation and loneliness of self-employment, and need to know that they aren’t alone. 

Episodes include 8 Tips for Accommodating Your Mental Illness, Simple DIY Brand Building for a Small Business and Five Key Personal Skills for Great Freelancing. 

10. Clients from Hell 

Clients from Hell

Clients From Hell provides some comic relief for self-employed professionals needing an outlet for their frustrations. Based on a popular blog featuring funny stories from freelancers and other creative professionals dealing with difficult clients, this podcast features host Bryce Bladon and his guests speaking about the realities of self-employment.

Clients from Hell features episodes such as Hard Sell Your Soft Skills, Time Management is EVERYTHING and Manage Yourself, Make Money.


Podcasts are an invaluable tool for freelancers looking to enhance their continuous learning and development. With accessibility and convenience, they provide a rich source of educational materials that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. 

The 10 best podcasts for freelancers highlighted in this article cover a wide range of relevant topics for freelancers, including self-employment, marketing, remote working, and mental health challenges. Each podcast offers valuable insights, tips, and real-world experiences to help freelancers grow and succeed in their careers. 

By listening to these educational podcasts and applying the lessons learned, freelancers can increase their skills and magnify their careers. 

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10 Educational Podcasts for Freelancers

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