Fiverr Buyer and Seller Fees Explained (+ Fiverr Fee Calculator)

Fiverr Buyer and Seller Fees Explained

Fiverr is a popular online platform for freelancers seeking jobs or clients looking for services on a project basis. With over 200 service categories available, independent workers can connect directly with clients seeking their skills and expertise, all on one free-to-use, user-friendly and efficient platform. 

In this article, we will take a look at this popular freelance job platform and explain Fiverr buyer and seller fees. We will also link to our Fiverr Fee Calculator for easy and efficient calculations without leaving your browser.

How Much Are Seller Fees on Fiverr?

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Freelancers, or ‘sellers’, are able to set their own prices for their services, or ‘gigs’. With ‘Gig Packages’, you can set your fees anywhere from $5 to $995, and offer tiered packages or extra add-ons to your services. 

Before you can offer your services on Fiverr, you must set up a free seller profile for yourself. This will serve as a portfolio showcasing your skills and experience to potential buyers. Buyers can review your services once they have received the finished product, and these ratings will be visible to potential clients when they view your profile.

Seller fees on Fiverr are currently 20% of the total price of your services. For example, if you set your fee at $100, then Fiverr will send you 80% of that amount, giving you $80 total. To work out your fees online, check out our Fiverr Fee Calculator. Fiverr also subtracts 20% from all tips received from buyers. 

How Much Are Buyer Fees on Fiverr

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Clients, or ‘buyers’, can browse Fiverr’s list of sellers based on the specific services that they seek. All they need to do is search for a keyword or choose from one of the platform’s service categories and choose the seller that best aligns with their needs and their budget. Seller profiles include reviews and ratings from their past clients, meaning that you can get an overview of the quality of their work simply by looking at their profile.

Fiverr buyer profiles are completely free to set up, but they do subtract a 5.5% commission from buyer payments over $75, with an additional $2.50 ‘small order’ charge for any payments under $75. For example, if you hire a seller to complete a service that costs $100, then you will be charged a total of $105.50. 

Additional Fees on Fiverr

  • PayPal Fees: No additional charge
  • Direct Deposit Fees (for US members): $1 for each transfer
  • Local Bank Transfer Fees: $3 for each transfer
  • Fiverr’s Revenue Card: $1 for a 2-day transfer, $3 for a 2-hour transfer

Fiverr’s Revenue Card is a method of withdrawing from your Fiverr account, and is supported through Payoneer and powered by MasterCard. It essentially serves as a debit card, and can be used internationally (besides for Russia and India) to pay for products and services online or in person. 

Managing Costs and Maximizing Value

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Managing costs and maximizing value on Fiverr requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some practical tips and strategies to help you achieve that:

Understand the Fee Structure: It’s essential to factor Fiverr’s seller fee into your pricing decisions to ensure you’re not underpricing your services and still maintaining profitability. Consider adjusting your rates accordingly to account for the fee and other expenses.

Set Competitive Pricing: Research similar services offered by other sellers on Fiverr to get an idea of the market rates. While it’s important to be competitive, avoid underpricing yourself. Price your services based on the value you provide, your expertise, and the effort required to deliver high-quality work.

Optimize Gig Descriptions: Craft compelling and detailed gig descriptions that clearly communicate what you offer, your unique selling points, and the benefits clients can expect. Use relevant keywords to improve search visibility. 

Create Attractive Packages: Consider offering different packages with varying levels of service or add-ons to cater to a broader range of client needs. This allows you to upsell and provide more value to clients who may require additional services. Make sure each package clearly outlines the included deliverables and benefits to help clients make informed choices.

Optimize Delivery Times: Timely delivery is crucial to building a good reputation on Fiverr. Assess your capabilities and workload to set realistic delivery times that you can consistently meet. Consider offering different delivery time options for clients to choose from, such as regular, express, or premium delivery, with corresponding price adjustments for urgency.

Showcase Portfolio Samples: Upload high-quality portfolio samples that showcase your skills and the quality of your work. These samples help potential clients assess your abilities and make informed decisions. 

Request Client Reviews: Positive reviews, testimonials, and ratings play a vital role in attracting new clients and building credibility. Provide excellent customer service and deliver high-quality work to encourage satisfied clients to leave feedback. You can politely request reviews from clients who express satisfaction with your services.

Communicate Clearly and Promptly: Effective communication is essential for successful collaborations. Respond promptly to client inquiries and messages to demonstrate professionalism and reliability. 

Leverage Fiverr Tools: Fiverr provides various tools and features to enhance your visibility and attract clients. Make use of options like promoting your gigs, participating in Fiverr’s buyer requests section, and joining relevant Fiverr forums or communities to connect with potential clients and gain exposure.

Continuously Improve and Learn: Stay updated with industry trends and evolving client needs. Invest time in developing your skills and expanding your knowledge to provide better value to clients. Regularly analyze your performance, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to optimize your services.

Support and Resources

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Fiverr provides several resources and support channels to help users understand and manage fees effectively. Here are some key avenues you can explore:

  • Fiverr Help Center: The Fiverr Help Center provides detailed information on how fees are calculated, how payments are processed, and other relevant financial aspects. You can access articles, FAQs, and step-by-step guides to clarify any doubts or questions you may have.
  • Customer Support: If you have specific inquiries or need personalized assistance regarding fees, reaching out to Fiverr’s customer support can be beneficial. They can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, address your concerns, and guide you through any challenges you may face related to fees or payments.
  • Community Forums: Fiverr has an active community of sellers and buyers who participate in forums and discussions. Engaging with the community can be a valuable way to learn from the experiences of others and gain insights into fee management strategies. 
  • Fiverr Pro: Fiverr Pro is a premium service offered by Fiverr that connects clients with hand-selected top-tier professionals. Joining Fiverr Pro comes with added benefits, including access to a dedicated success manager who can provide guidance on various aspects of freelancing, including fee management. You can apply for Fiverr Pro for free simply by submitting an application, and no extra charges are incurred.
  • Fiverr Education Programs: Fiverr offers educational resources and programs to help sellers improve their skills, enhance their service offerings, and better understand the platform’s features. These programs often include webinars, tutorials, and courses covering various topics, including financial management. 


Fiverr is a popular platform for freelancers and clients to connect and collaborate on various projects. Understanding Fiverr buyer and seller fees is crucial for effectively managing costs and maximizing value. Sellers pay a fee of 20% of their service price, while buyers are charged a 5.5% commission on payments over $75, along with a $2.50 charge for payments under $75. 

By understanding the fee structure, implementing effective strategies, and utilizing the available support and resources, you can effectively manage costs and maximize the value you offer on Fiverr.

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Fiverr Buyer and Seller Fees Explained (+ Fiverr Fee Calculator)

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