Landing Page Builders for Marketers to Increase Conversions

Landing page builders

Landing pages are one of the most important marketing assets for any business. Landing pages can convert website visitors into customers, and it is often said that if you do not have a landing page, you don’t have a website.

Almost all companies need to have their own landing page to advertise their products or services. But many marketers struggle with what kind of landing page builder they should be using. There are so many options out there. Which one is right for your business? Do you want a drag-and-drop builder, an all-in-one solution, or an intuitive editor?

These are the best landing page builders to help you generate more leads and save time whilst doing so.


Landing Page Builders for Marketers to Increase Conversions -- Leadpages

With over 200 templates to choose from, Leadpages makes it easy to get started quickly – and all of the templates are responsive, so they look great on any device. You can also add your own photos, videos, and text, or use one of the library’s thousands of icons and fonts available.

Leadpages also offers powerful features and integrations, so you can create landing pages that convert even better. For example, you can add forms, alert bars, popups and checkouts to your pages for an even more streamlined conversion process.


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Unbounce allows you to quickly and easily create, publish and test landing pages. It has all the tools needed for novices and experts alike.

Plus, Leadpages recently announced new machine learning features to provide users with better insight into conversion opportunities. These features will be available in the Leadpages builder and in the Leadpages’ analytics dashboard.

With this new update, Leadpages will automatically track user behavior and identify specific areas of a page that are most likely to result in a conversion. This information can then improve page design and increase conversion rates.

This update is the latest in a series of machine learning updates from Leadpages. Earlier this year, the company announced an AI-powered chatbot that helps website owners create and manage their landing pages.


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Instapage is a landing page builder with a really intuitive interface and is easy to use for people with no experience. This option is perfect for those who want a simple, quick solution that can be scaled as their business grows.

Leadpages includes several products in one platform, including Landing pages, Personalization, A/B Testing, Conversion Tracking, Heatmaps, and Form Builders. You can also use their platform to create popups and implement checkouts.


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Clickfunnels is one of the most popular, easiest to use and most powerful landing page builders on the market. But what makes it so good?

This landing page builder allows you to create complex and simple pages without knowing how to code. You can even set up a membership site – perfect for any organization with an online course or membership website.

Users can choose from over 100 templates, design their own pages and pages with pre-designed components, or import their favourite WordPress blog theme into Clickfunnels. It really is easy to use.

You can edit text boxes with tools like Google Translate and Mail Merge, so you can create multilingual sites with ease.

It’s also possible to integrate Clickfunnels pages with various apps and services such as Mailchimp and Zapier for maximum customization and flexibility.


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Systeme is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that lets you customize your design easily. It also includes over 100 templates to get you started, and it’s relatively quick and easy to use.

This landing page builder lets you quickly create and publish pages, with no programming knowledge required. It also includes a website builder, so you can create a completely custom website without any design experience.

Another nifty feature is Systeme’s email marketing tools which makes it easy to grow your list and send automated emails to your subscribers.

Systeme’s focus on sales funnels makes it the perfect tool for online courses. You can easily create registration pages, payment pages and thank-you pages to streamline the process for your students. Plus, you can track student progress and see how they’re doing in real-time.

Swipe Pages

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Swipe Pages is a landing page builder created for businesses of every size. It features the ability to create responsive AMP mobile-ready pages in minutes and is perfect for small business owners, bloggers, or freelancers.

Swipe Pages also includes the ability to add beautiful pop-ups and countdown timers to your site in order to increase conversion rates. It’s a great option for marketers who want simple tools that come at a low price.

The popular landing page builder also integrates with 1000s of popular apps, including Mailchimp, Zapier, HubSpot CRM, Google Sheets and many others.


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Elementor is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to be bothered with technicalities and want to create their landing page quickly and easily. Elementor has one-click installation, built-in templates, and integrations with popular social media and eCommerce platforms.

If you’re looking for convenience, Elementor Pro & Website would be the way to go. Not only does it include one-click instant installation, but it also comes with hosting – so you don’t have to worry about finding a host or transferring your website. Plus, there are tons of extra features that come with it.

The Elementor Website package includes SSL, automatic backups, hosting on Google Cloud and a free Elementor domain. Plus, you get priority customer support and access to all of Elementor’s templates widgets, and integrations.


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HubSpot is a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create landing pages without any coding. It’s an all-in-one solution with templates, hosting, analytics, and an automated email campaign builder.

HubSpot offers a free trial but will charge for the service once it runs out.


Regardless of which type of builder you choose, keep in mind that designing and developing a landing page is an iterative process. You’ll likely need to create and test multiple versions of your landing page before you find the one that converts best with your audience.

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Landing Page Builders for Marketers to Increase Conversions

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