Online Learning Platforms for Freelancers to Advance Skills

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Creative freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for new skills should consider taking online academic courses on one of the many online learning platforms. These courses can be a great way to learn more about your desired field without having the time constraints that come with in-person classes and enabling you to take advantage of flexible scheduling options such as starting when it works best for you. 

Knowing which online learning platforms are most appropriate will help your needs and pocket. Here are our favorite online learning platforms for freelancers worth considering when improving your knowledge and skillset. 

LinkedIn Learning 

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LinkedIn Learning allows you to identify needed skills for your specific career. Similarly, online courses can grow your skills in many industries. There are more than 16 000 online courses. Of which, around 9 000 are in English. These courses provide certifications upon completing them.

There are Learning Paths on LinkedIn Learning, some of which provide free courses for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You can select a monthly membership at $29.99 or a year membership at $19.99. These both include a one-month free trial. Preference to individual course sales is available. These costs start at $20. There are many quality courses available suiting your needs as a freelancer.

LinkedIn Learning has excellent user management and engagement. You can get real-time answers from course creators about the courses. But, these certificates do not contain accreditation.


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Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms to consider as a freelancer. To clarify, it has well-over 170 000 courses with 46-million students. These online learning courses include life skills, music, art, IT, business, and language. There are several categories for lifestyle and personal development.

Udemy provides priced courses varying from $10 to more costly courses at $200. Some of these selected courses are free. This platform allows you to preview courses. A 30-day refund is available for dissatisfaction.

Courses are in videos, audio, and texts, with assessment styles varying. Udemy provides you with lifetime access to all online courses. You do not receive a certificate, as that is a separate sale. But, these courses might not go via a thorough check before publication. Additionally, the certificate is non-accredited.

The Odin Project

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The Odin Project is an online learning platform that teaches anyone how to code for free. It doesn’t require a membership or account, just click and learn! You’ll get started with web development basics like programming languages such as HTML5/CSS3 which can be used in any project.

This platform is best suited for beginners who want to learn the basics. There are several external resources. It includes an accessible community for help. Yet, using this platform can be time-consuming. Users describe it more as a directory with responsive forums in the same vein.


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Harvard and MIT founded edX, so naturally have high expectations from students. These are real and accredited college courses in many fields. College professors teach these courses.

This platform has two pricing options. Firstly, in the form of unverified and free courses. Secondly, for verified and paid courses. These verified courses can range between $50-300. University-level courses vary in price and are expensive. But they include the accredited certification.

This platform offers several impressive features, especially for freelancers. These include the learning interface, weekly learning segments, different learning options, and credentials. But, it is essential to note that there are a limited amount of topics with no set structure, which can be chaotic.


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Skillshare is less formal than its competitors and aims to improve creative skills. This online learning platform uses multimedia in teaching. Courses are focused on practicality in creative talents. It includes different assessment methods incorporating holistic learning. Practical skills are, most importantly, taught and gained through Skillshare.

Skillshare has a subscription payment method. It costs $32 per month or $168 for a year. You can access this platform in a 7-day free trial. Notably, there are a few free short courses available for freelancers to choose from.

There are interesting courses for creatives such as marketing, art, or writing. But, they are all non-accredited training courses.


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Coursera offers college courses by professors for a fraction of college costs. Two hundred universities partnered with Coursera. This brings students factual knowledge and learning experiences in online freelancer courses. Courses follow a presentation in multimedia format. Quizzes, assignments, and homework form part of the testing method. Which allows you to gain a remote college experience.

The online courses start at $30. Some courses allow a bundle sale where you can track classes. A yearly cost of $399 is available, providing unlimited access to more than 3 000 courses. Accredited certificates follow the course completion. You may share these within your network.

Coursera is a well-organized platform with various courses, allowing for university specializations and master programs to be earned. Yet, degree courses can take a few years to get at a costly margin. Additionally, the beginner courses might need some insight.


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FutureLearn provides valuable, time-intensive, and comprehensive courses and degrees. Partnered universities create courses. There is an extensive range of business, art, law, and teaching courses. Depending on the course selected, some are free. A 7-day free trial comes with a monthly subscription.

A subscription of $279.99 lets you access hundreds of courses. Including a certificate upon completion, but it excludes premium offers. Four courses including, Short-Courses, ExpertTracks, Microcredentials and Programs, and Online Degrees, vary pricing dependent on each.

After that, despite the ease of access, simplicity, and learning diversity, there is no method allowing mobile applications for students to access courses effortlessly. In addition, some courses are costly.


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Masterclass provides practical learning. In addition, it offers an array of skills taught by experts. Several actors, famous writers, and chefs have courses on this platform. These courses are generally in video format. Besides teaching, further advice and tips are included.

This platform presents one pricing plan of $180 per year ($15 a month). Moreover, it grants unlimited access to all courses.

Affordability coupled with top-instructors and an easy refund policy best describes Masterclass. But, no certificates, free classes, or trial periods are available.


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Pluralsight was originally a classroom training platform. But later developed into online video instruction of more than 7 000 courses. In addition, this is suitable for individuals and businesses. It includes self-paced assessments to check in with learning. Meanwhile, it’s organized into existing skill levels in technology. For instance, you can select the difficulty of a course if you have experience in such already.

Likewise, this online learning platform includes a 10-day free trial or 200 minutes of instruction. Two yearly pricing plans are available: a standard subscription of $299 and a premium subscription of $449. The main difference is assessment types, accessibility to courses, and interaction.

In addition, there is good support available 24/7 with offline downloadable modes and course learning checks. None of the courses are free. Limited topics related to technology are all that Pluralsight offers.


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Udacity aims to equip you with a nanodegree in computer science and technology. This platform has large partners, including Google and Microsoft. There are assignments, class discussions and one-on-one mentoring included in programs. Udacity has courses that are well-sort after in the marketplace. Subsequently, this is a valuable set of skills to earn and have.

Most programs start at $399 per month, but plans allow you to pay upfront. These upfront costs can be between $558 to $2034 for two to six months of course access. Notably, this online learning platform has an impeccable quality of courses. It holds user-friendly interfaces. Udacity has over 200 free online courses.

Yet, certificates do not offer accreditation. Free accounts do not have any certifications. Courses are in English only.


The internet is full of online learning platforms for every type of freelancer. So, if you’re a freelancer looking to get better at your job or learn something new there’s an online learning platform out there that will suit your needs. These online learning platforms offer both skill development as well as the knowledge we all need in order to keep our careers alive – without going back into school again (and paying tuition).

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Online Learning Platforms for Freelancers to Advance Skills

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