Project Proposal Software and Tools to Help You Close Deals

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Project proposals are important documents that all types of freelancers will need to create. They are also a very common document type in the business world, which is why project proposal software can be so beneficial for any professional. A project proposal is a document that presents a proposed solution to a problem or a plan of action for achieving a goal.

When writing a project proposal, it is important to remember that the document must be persuasive. The proposal should clearly state the problem that needs to be solved or the goal that needs to be achieved, and it should outline the proposed solution or plan of action.

When it comes to creating a project proposal, there are several project proposal software tools that can make the process much easier. These project proposal generators can help you to organize your thoughts and ensure that everything is presented in the best possible light. So, if you find yourself struggling with creating a proposal, here are some of the best project proposal tools available to you as an independent contractor.

Project Proposal Software and Tools


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Pandadoc is an excellent project proposal tool that helps you organize your thoughts and write your client proposal. It allows you to share drafts with clients and colleagues, which can help with collaboration and feedback as you’re developing your idea. It also lets you organize your thoughts into different sections so that it’s easier to manage the process of writing a project proposal. It helps that Pandadoc integrates with popular CRM’s which will help you keep everything organized.

Lastly, PandaDoc allows you to create proposals in multiple formats. For example, you can choose to create a PDF proposal, an interactive proposal, or even a Word document. This flexibility can be beneficial if you target different clients with different proposal needs.

Better Proposals

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One of the best project proposal tools is Better Proposals. With this proposal creation software, you can create a proposal with ease by using drag-and-drop features and saving time on typing. You can even send your proposal out to a target audience without writing a single word. The interface allows you to create visually appealing proposals that are likely to be more successful than those created manually.

Better Proposals also accepts payments and signatures, which can help you close the deal with your client. Overall, this software is an excellent option for creating proposals, getting signatures on the go, and accepting payments in one place.


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Bidsketch allows you to create professional-looking proposals, take advantage of a wide range of templates, and organize your thoughts with easy-to-use features.

This project proposal tool offers several features that can be very helpful when creating project proposals for your clients. These features include signature collection, analytics, and the ability to save your proposals as PDFs or Word documents.

Signature collection is a feature that allows you to collect signatures from clients electronically, which can streamline the proposal process. This feature is also very secure, so you can feel confident that your client’s information will be protected.

An analytics feature is also available with Bidsketch. This feature allows you to see how successful your proposals have been in the past. For example, you can track things like how many times a proposal has been viewed or how long it took for a proposal to be accepted.


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Qwilr is a project proposal tool that enables you to create beautiful proposals in no time at all. 

One of the most impressive features of Qwilr is the automation feature. With this feature, you can create custom proposals automatically. This feature is perfect for agencies or high-volume professionals. 

E-signatures and payments are built into Qwilr, which can help you close the deal with your client. You can also track how successful your proposals have been in the past by using the analytics feature.

There are two pricing plans, but a free trial is available to try out all of the features before deciding whether to purchase a subscription.


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Nusii lets you generate proposals with your branding, using your domain name and business email address. You can also choose from a variety of templates to get started quickly. This flexibility can be beneficial if you’re trying to target different clients with different proposal needs.

This project proposal software offers progress tracking features so you can see how your proposal is doing at any given moment. For example, you can see when your client viewed the proposal and when they accept it. In addition, if an email goes unopened, then you are reminded to follow up.

Nusii accepts payments in multiple currencies. This can be very helpful if you’re trying to work with clients who are located all over the world.



Proposable provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop project proposal software and a database of free templates. You can create a proposal in minutes, and with the built-in editing tools, you can be sure that your proposal looks great.

There are options to collaborate with your team, leave comments or hand off the project to another team member.

Proposable offers an easy-to-use e-signature tool to get signatures quickly and easily. With this feature, you can be sure that your proposal will be accepted. In addition, you can collect payments using Stripe.


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Proposify is project proposal tool that gives you control and insight into the most important stage of your sales process. With easy-to-use templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can create beautiful proposals in minutes.

They offer a free plan with limitations. For example, you can create unlimited proposals, but you can only have one user at a time, and you are limited to five documents at a time.

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Project Proposal Software and Tools to Help You Close Deals

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