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Learn Fast, Work Smart, and Succeed Online.

Everything you need to build a successful freelance career, with guidance and support provided every step of the way. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything.


Cloudlancer has helped hundreds of aspiring contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs get their careers online.

Don't let a lack of clients hold you back.

Quickly master the art of securing clients and completing projects with ease.

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Apply your learnings and achieve your goals.

Apply what you learn, continuously improve your skills, and replicate your success over and over again.

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Who can benefit from taking our courses?

Our courses are designed to benefit individuals who are seeking to or have already established a client-driven career online, particularly freelancers, contractors, and agency owners. Our free foundations course is ideal for those who are looking to transition to an online career model.

Why Choose Cloudlancer

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Structured Curriculum

Lessons are broken up into modules so that as you improve your skills and knowledge in each subject, it's easier to go on to the next.

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Ad Free Learning

We offer a service where people can learn online without being interrupted by advertisements.

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Progress Tracking

Easily keep track of your course progress on our platform. This gives you an overview of all the courses taken, and what milestones have been achieved on each one

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Extensive Resources

We provide access to additional resources to assist with the growth of learners in their chosen field.

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On-Demand Video

We have on-demand video courses that cover a wide range of topics, with new ones added all the time! We want to teach you from the comfort of your home and at whatever pace suits you.

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It's Free...

What's not better than a flexible opportunity that can lead you down a path towards your remote career without costing a thing? Talk about an awesome deal!

Start your online career with our FREE foundations course. Here's what you will learn to do.

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Member benefits include access to our database of business tools, which are guaranteed to help you streamline your business processes.

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No. Membership does not cost you anything.

Yes. We are continuously working on new courses and content for our members. 

Whilst we do not use advertisements, we do have affiliate programs and sponsors which help generate revenue and enable us to pay our team.  Please read our affiliate disclaimer for more information.