Upwork Fee Calculator


Upwork Fee Calculator

The purpose of this Upwork fee calculator is to assist you in determining the commission that Upwork deducts from your earnings as a seller on their platform. Upwork has a standard commission rate of 10%, meaning that they retain 10% of the total amount you earn from your sales.  

To use the calculator, simply input the total earnings you have generated from your sales on Upwork. The calculator will then apply the 10% commission rate and display the precise amount that Upwork will retain as their service fee.

By utilizing this calculator, you can better understand the financial impact of Upwork’s commission structure on your overall earnings. It allows you to make informed decisions and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly to ensure that you receive the desired income from your services while factoring in Upwork’s commission.

Upwork Fee Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Upwork is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with individuals and businesses seeking various services. 

Upwork takes a commission to cover platform maintenance, marketing, trust and security measures, payment processing, and seller support. This ensures a reliable marketplace, attracts buyers, provides secure transactions, and supports sellers’ success.

Upwork takes a commission of 10% from sellers’ earnings. This means that for every transaction made by a seller on Upwork, Upwork retains 10% of the total amount as its fee. As for buyers, they are not charged a specific fee by Upwork for using the platform. However, buyers pay the listed price for the services they purchase from sellers, which may include any applicable taxes or processing fees.