17 Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Job platforms for freelancers

With the rise of the freelancing community in recent years, many tools and websites have popped up to assist them in starting and succeeding in their independent careers. Perhaps the most useful of these tools are freelance job platforms.

One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face is, and has always been, finding clients. In previous years, they would rely solely on cold calling techniques and referrals, but due to new freelance-specific job aggregators, independent professionals can streamline the client acquisition process. In this article, we will take a look at the best job platforms for freelancers to find new clients. 


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

99Designs is a job platform specifically for freelancers specializing in design and creative work, such as logo artists and graphic designers. This website helps freelancers to connect with reliable clients from across the globe, giving talented creatives opportunities to find businesses and individuals that are searching for their particular area of expertise.

Creating an account on 99Designs is completely free, although they do charge a $100 introduction fee spread out over the client’s first $500 spent. There’s also a platform fee on this freelancer website for support and security, which is calculated based on your designer level; 5% for top-level creators, 10% for mid-level, and 15% for entry-level designers.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Flexjobs is a freelance job platform aimed at freelancers looking for writing, content marketing, or transcription jobs. It also gives freelancers the opportunity to find freelance, part-time, and full-time jobs, and ensures that all jobs listed are secure and legitimate. 

Flexjobs does charge a small subscription fee, and freelancers can choose between four plans, ranging from a one-week subscription to a full year. The starting plan is $9.95 for the week, and each plan gives you unlimited access to freelance jobs, a personalized portfolio, and career advice. Freelancers also get a 30-day satisfaction window where they can get their money back if they’re unhappy with the platform.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Scripted is considered one of the best freelance job websites for professionals looking for writing opportunities. They have clients from over 37 different industries, and give freelancers the opportunity to find both short- and long-term work. Scripted also offers features such as building your personalized profile complete with samples of your best work. 

This job platform also has a payment and project-management dashboard. This makes handling payments so much easier. To get started, freelancers need to submit an application. Once approved, they will receive an email with guidelines on how to get started. Scripted also work on a rewards system; the higher up you are as a freelancer on this platform, the faster your payments are released and the more benefits you can expect. 


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

SimplyHired is a freelance job platform where companies post their available positions for freelancers to choose from. This platform covers jobs in a wide range of industries, including human resources, data entry, and finance, and allows freelancers to browse through jobs without creating a profile.

This freelance job platform also ensures that clients pay freelancers per their contracts. Creating a profile on the website gives you access to features like a salary estimator, a job application tool, and a resume builder. 


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Dribbble is a job platform for freelancers looking for work in creative industries such as mobile design, illustration, and animation. This platform gives artists the perfect space to showcase their talent; all they need to do is sign up and create their accounts to promote their work to potential future clients.

Another of Dribbble’s features is its job board, where designers can browse for potential jobs. The only requirement for designers to access this feature is to be a premium member, which ranges between $5 to $15 per month. Dribbble also gives its premium designers access to other excellent features and gives them priority placement.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Designhill is a job platform for freelancers interested in work in website design, brand development, and merchandise design. As a freelance designer, it is an ideal platform for building your portfolio and growing your client base. 

There are tools such as a profit calculator and business card maker available for free to designers on the platform. Freelancers can use it to promote their businesses and sell their services on a global scale.

We Work Remotely

Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

We Work Remotely is a platform that connects freelancers with future clients. Employers can post jobs and find remote talent, while job seekers have access to listings of available positions in their field through the website’s search engine. Their signup feature also allows freelancers to customize their profiles according to their preferences so they are able to browse based on the technical skills they offer.

We Work Remotely offers work opportunities from various industries, such as programming & DevOps, administrative management, finance, and more.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

PeoplePerHour is one of the best freelancer websites to find jobs in programming, journalism, and brand design. This platform allows freelancers to set up a free profile that is subject to a review. Once your application is approved, you can use the freelance job board to browse for your next job opportunities.

The platform has features that allow freelancers to set their prices and raise invoices for their work. The platform does have a service fee; for every $350 earned, the website takes a service fee of 20%. 


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Behance is a social media platform for creatives to showcase their work, and can help to connect freelance designers and artists with illustration, photography, and web design opportunities.

Once you sign up on this site and create a personalized profile, the aim is to start following other profiles. The more profiles that freelancers follow, the more freelance job opportunities will show up in their feeds. This freelancer job board also gives freelancers a job list, personalized according to their skill set.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Guru is a website that connects freelancers with clients around the globe with their freelance-specific job board. Job opportunities are customized to each user according to their skill set, and freelancers can bid on both short- and long-term projects. This platform also offers payment protection. 

Every freelancer starts on a free plan at first. However, Guru offers various paid plans that offer more tools and features to help freelancers, which range from $11.95 to $49.95 per month.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Freelancer.com is a freelance job website that connects businesses to talent that matches their requirements, giving freelancers the ability to connect, collaborate and take on projects from around the world. Independent professionals can gain reviews by completing contests and working as part of larger teams at no cost other than the 10% commission fee.

Once registered, freelancers will be able to display their portfolio images, along with detailed job descriptions, in order to attract potential clients.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Toptal is a job platform that is tailored to highly-qualified freelancers. The main industries include software development, financial consulting, and interim management. Toptal has a detailed screening process that includes 5 steps, and the process is designed to accept only the best freelancers to work with top-tier clients.

Freelancers who pass all 5 steps get access to a freelancer job board. This will give them access to various job postings. This platform also has a feature for tracking time and invoicing. It also offers various payment methods, including Payoneer, PayPal, and direct bank transfer.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform that doubles as a job board. This gives freelancers access to various jobs in a multitude of categories, such as copywriting, translation, and graphic design. All you need to do is sign up and set up your profile. The more detailed your profile is, the more job opportunities you’ll be exposed to. 

LinkedIn also gives freelancers the opportunity to showcase their work with their portfolio feature. To find work, freelancers can browse jobs posted using keywords relating to their interests. LinkedIn will filter the jobs posted by clients globally.


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance job platforms. It is especially great for freelancers in industries like brand marketing, programming, writing, and website design. Freelancers can either use the freelancer job board, or they can create a project catalog. 

To get started, freelancers need to create a profile that will be reviewed by moderators. Once approved, you can start creating a catalog or bid for jobs you’re interested in. Upwork offers freelancers payment protection and takes a flat percentage of 10%.  


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Fiverr is a freelancer job platform that connects freelancers with clients across various industries. The main ones include digital marketing, web development, and social media. This platform is slightly different, as freelancers are considered sellers. They list their gigs and set their own prices for clients to browse through.

Clients are considered buyers and they browse freelancers’ gigs under different categories. They then purchase the best gig for them. When buyers make a purchase, the system takes a 20% commission fee and sends the remaining 80% of the offered price to the freelancer. 


Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Wellfound, formerly AngelList Talent, connects freelance talent with startups looking for their services, giving independent professionals the chance to utilize their skill set to shape a brand’s identity. This also opens up further opportunities for freelancers, as they may be hired to do repeat work for certain startups, and if the company were to be highly successful, it will look excellent on their freelance resume.

Wellfound also streamlines the application process; only one application is needed for visibility to thousands of jobs. Freelancers can simply sit back and browse job on their free profiles. 

Working Not Working

Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

Working Not Working is a platform that aims to empower freelancers designers to succeed in their careers. Their landing page features profiles of some of the talent available to choose from. Freelancers can build a portfolio on their website, and clients can search for relevant keywords and find portfolios that match their needs. 

Working Not Working gives talented creatives online visibility and gives them the opportunity to find their next clients.


Freelance job platforms have revolutionized the way freelancers find work, providing them with a vast array of job opportunities across diverse industries. From design-centric platforms like 99Designs and Dribbble to writing-focused sites like Flexjobs and Scripted, each platform caters to specific skill sets, ensuring freelancers can easily showcase their talents to the relevant audience.

With each platform offering its unique set of features and benefits, freelancers can take control of their careers, attract new clients, and cultivate their professional profiles with ease. From startups to established businesses, freelancers can now access a wealth of opportunities, ultimately helping them thrive in their independent careers. 

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17 Job Platforms for Freelancers to Find New Clients

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