Types of Freelancer Jobs for Remote Working

Types of jobs for freelancers

What is a Freelancer? 


A freelancer is a person who renders their professional services as an independent contractor and receives remuneration in the form of hourly rates per job or completed task. These projects are short-term and allow significant flexibility in their schedule and workspace. Freelancers choose their approaches to sourcing clientele and use various job platforms to do so. 

Freelancers are not to be mistaken for self-employed persons who manage their business operations and have more liberation within their contract lengths. This is primarily since freelancers perform small-scale temporary projects for specific clients. Freelancers are self-employed, but perform services based on short-term contracts to advance another’s business. Freelancers work with several clients, perform different task simultaneously, whereas a self-employed person is industry-specific with long-term contracts. When considering freelancing, and uncertainity creeps in, about the industry requirements or job availability. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that several types of freelance jobs are available. 

What is Needed to Become a Freelancer?

Before entering the ambit of freelancing, you must have the skills needed for freelance jobs. Skills required are wholly dependent on the type of freelance profession wanting to pursue. However, one would need general personal qualities to be successful in freelancing. These would include: 

  • Project management skills. As previously mentioned, freelancers generally manage a plethora of diverse tasks simultaneously, so there is the need to harness the ability to manage and maintain the workload adequately. 
  • Technical skills. The world is technology-led. Utilizing various forms of technology such as an iPad, or desktop, could greatly assist you in advancing your freelance career.   
  • Self-motivation. You are working for and by yourself. Therefore, it is essential to remain motivated with the tasks before you. 
  • Flexibility. More often than not, freelancers encounter fast-paced changes from clients. You need prepare yourself for a schedule that will constantly change to meet client needs and deadlines. 
  • Sector knowledge. It is imperative to have insight into the sector and department you intend to work in, to be effective in your industry. 
  • Passion. This intersects well with motivation, as passion will fuel you to complete tasks well and produce innovative ideas.

Most freelancers hold a bachelor’s degree or associate degree as a bare minimum. Regardless, several freelancers have no formal tertiary education. Notably, freelancing requires a plethora of inter-personal skills, experience and some educational background. Some freelancing skills can be learned on the job or by sharpening them in seminars and online courses. In contending such, freelancers can generally begin their careers at any experience level without any formal educational prerequisites. 

✏️ What are the Different Types of Freelance Jobs?

The global upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, left many economic industries experienced significant changes to their daily operations and were compelled to work remotely. This left many seeking permanent means of employment that would provide flexibility and remote working environments. At present, there are 1.2 billion freelancers globally, of which 59-million Americans generate $1.2 trillion in revenue. 

Freelance professions are contract-based, and find roots in skill and industry-specific fields. If you have been considering entering the freelance industry but find yourself wondering if your skillset is attractive to the market, it is comforting to know that there are hundreds, if not, thousands of opportunities for freelancers like you. These are a fifteen of the most sought-after and best freelance jobs on the market. 


freelancer 1

A copywriter writes and produces content for advertising or marketing. There are several types of copywriting, including, among other things, social media, branding, SEO, and technical copywriting. The average freelance copywriter works a total of 36-hours a week for an hourly rate ranging between $19 to $45. 

Copywriters typically hold a bachelor’s degree in arts such as psychology, communications, journalism, and linguistics. Several online courses could equip you with copywriting skills. Many clients favor copywriters who have years of expertise. Do not be despaired in the event that you hold little to no formal educational requirements. There are opportunities available for you to freelance as a copywriter, provided that you have some experience. 

Data Analyst 

A data analyst assesses processed information to provide insight into market trends, allowing for strategic business determinations. Freelancers in this field can work anywhere between 40 to 60 hours per week. As a freelancer, you can expect to earn between $20 to $50 per hour.

Generally, most data analysts have a STEM background and hold a bachelor’s degree in finance, statistics, computer science, or economics. You must know relevant processing languages to be successful in this industry.


freelancer 2

A freelance videographer captures video content and works on production projects. Weekly hours worked depends on the particular field of videography. However, it could range between 40 to 50 hours with a rate starting at$20 per hour. 

Videographers usually hold bachelor’s degrees in arts or an associate degree. However, there is no formal requirement to have any educational background. There are means of fulfilling industry-specific courses to improve skills if needed. 


A translator is responsible for interpreting one language into another. As a freelancer, translators work a standard 40–50-hour week with the earning median at $20 per hour. 

For example, there are numerous requirements to become a translator dependent on the industry, whether transcriptions will be used in media or films. Translators have bachelor’s degrees in linguistics or communications as a minimum. Having experience as a translator works significantly in your favor. 

SEM/SEO Specialist

SEO (search engine optimization) specialist improves a website to allow better performance in search engines such as Bing or Google. SEM (search engine marketing) specialist is a person who is engaged in marketing coupled with search engines. This generally involves SEO work that will produce financial increases to a website by using promotions or pay-per-click. 

SEM/SEO Specialists work long hours, and as a freelancer in this field, you can expect to work anywhere between 12-104 hours per week. The median of earnings depends on the percentile you find yourself in, but typically it ranges between $28-59 per hour. All SEM/SEO specialists must have general knowledge in processing languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A course or undergraduate degree in marketing, communications, or computer science will advance your career. 


freelancer 3

An accountant is responsible for the up-keeping, inspection, and analysis of an individual, company, or organization’s financial records. Freelancing in this field opens the earning possibility of $21-35 per hour for approximately 40 a week. 

There are seldom exceptions to freelancers not requiring a degree, as an accountant would be required to hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting along with professional certification.

Software Engineer

A software engineer approaches and develops the development of software. They generally apply principles to build, test, or evaluate the software. As a freelancer, you can expect to work 40-50 weeks at rates between $25-300 per hour. 

As a freelancer, you are mandated to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer programming, mathematics, or something similar. Nonetheless, in the event that you enter this field without a degree, many clients will require you to have experience of a certain amount of years to prove experience and industry knowledge.

Digital Marketing Consultant 

A digital marketing consultant develops and monitors a business’s online paid marketing strategies. They have extensive insight into marketing fundamentals which will further a company. 

Freelancing in this field requires a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or communication. However, it is possible to find employment with a degree in any field. You can expect to work a standard 40-hour week with hourly rates between $50-500, dependent on expertise. 

Social Media Manager 

freelancer 4

Social media managers are responsible for representing companies or clients on social platforms. You can expect to work between 35-50 hours per week with a rate beginning at $45. 

A bachelor’s degree, or higher, in communications, journalism, or marketing is the standard, and clients look for previous work experience in the same role. 

Financial Planner 

A financial planner assists clients in establishing plans and programs that will enable them to obtain long-term financial objectives.  Freelancers in these fields typically work a 40-hour week at hourly rates beginning at $35. 

More often than not, may freelancers in this industry hold a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, economics, statistics, or similar fields. As a freelancer, you will find that this field is immensely flexible, allowing an area of expertise in several areas such as investments, retirement, or estate planning.

Web Designer 

A web designer holds expertise in the establishment and maintenance of websites. There are several areas for which include the development of user interface designs, coding and software, user design, and SEO, among others. Web designers work 40-hour weeks at rates between $27-108 per hour. 

Generally, many freelance web designers hold a bachelors degree in computer science or graphic design. However, it is possible to have a successful career by having experience in the industry.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketers are responsible for performance-based marketing whereby royalities are rewarded by each vistory being brought by marketing schemes, performed by an affiliate. A freelancer could expect to work 15–30-hour weeks with rates ranging from $30. 

A bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or business is advantageous to get your foot in the door of affiliate marketing. 

Voice-over Actor

voice actor 1 1

A voice-over actor is an artist who performs auditory tasks for videogames, commercials, audiobooks, e-learning courses, among other things. They can work anywhere between 40 to 70 hours each week, with the earning median at $40. 

There are no strict educational requirements to start your career as a voice-over actor. Despite holding a bachelor’s degree, experience in acting is advantageous.


A tutor assists students in non-classroom environments to sharpen understanding, help with test preparation or homework assistance. Tutors work between 40 to 50 hours each week at a rate starting at $15.

A bachelor’s degree in education or holding a teaching license is advantageous. Most tutors have an outstanding academic record in the subjects they wish to tutor in. 

E-Commerce Manager 

These managers are responsible for the operations in online purchases of particular brands or companies. They are directly responsible for the image of the company website and generating income from online sales. They typically work 40-hour weeks with hourly rates starting at $41. 

To become an e-commerce manager, you need a bachelor’s degree in commerce, IT, or marketing. Prior experience in a managerial position is vital as the objective of an e-commerce manager would be to oversee teams and projects.  

In Conclusion

Freelancing is a career path that is easy for persons of any level of expertise or skill. The freedom to choose and set your hours and rate, is available, regardless of the median in your field. The willingness to learn throughout your journey will progress your career as a freelancer.

Notably, several affordable, some of which are free, online courses that can significantly assist your career. Many industries have freelance jobs available for you to choose from, with fifteen of the best mentioned above. Wherever you may professionally find yourself, if you have been contemplating freelancing and have a passion for a particular industry, go for it; the market is your oyster.

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Types of Freelancer Jobs for Remote Working

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